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Are you afraid of scammers?

6 ways to avoid buying fake fillers!

 1. Always ask for business trading license. This is usually the best thing to do if you want a quick research.You cannot do business without a valid license or being registered with a government agency or industry organization. Check online to see what licenses and registrations the company must have and what agencies and organizations to contact for verification. If the company is European then you can also have the opportunity to ask for the company VAT number. This could either sit within a company’s privacy policy or its terms and conditions. Every limited company within the EU has a registered company number, and it should be displayed along with the place of registration on their website as a result of legislation.


 2. Get in touch with their key account manager. They don't have one? Leave their site immediately! First and foremost establishing client relationships should be a priority for all serious businesses thats why we offer video call so you can gain trust and also have the opportunity to negotiate prices for larger quantities. Book your video call with our key account manager right here !


3. Want to know if the products are CE marked? Ask for pictures and videos of the products. In this way you’ll be more sure and ready to take the next step. You can also ask for the company logo to be in the background. 


 4. Check the company database. Allow yourself to check the domain name registrant information and sometimes confirm a business address and contact name. It will also provide you with useful information like when the domain name was registered so you can understand how long the website has been running. If the website has only recently been registered or the registrant information is protected, this could be a sign that the company is not genuine.


5. Search for reviews! Search online to find information, customer reviews, and complaints about the company. Type in the name of the company for general information, as well as the name of the company with the word “reviews,” “scam,” “lawsuit,” or similar terms. Don’t just rely on customer feedback and testimonials that the company itself provides you or that is on its website, make sure you look at other websites as well. Because not all websites are equal (or legitimate), it’s a good idea to review information from several different websites.


 6. Check the payment methods. Be aware of companies that require cash or check, or require access to your bank account for big purchases. It is generally safer to pay through credit card, PayPal, Stripe on your first purchase order or other methods that allow you to get your money back without depending on the company. It may be suspicious if the company doesn’t accept those methods. Don’t depend solely on a company’s “money-back guarantee” since some shady businesses don’t follow through on those guarantees or set up a lot of obstacles to getting refunds.