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How to introduce a new product to your customers

To all injectors:

This is how you promote your new product to your customers

If you find yourself wondering how to choose which product is right for your clinic, you might find our tips with introducing Juves into the clinics helpful. When selecting brands to treat with, we use several strict criteria to help provide the best possible results for your customers; these including the product’s safety profile, its efficacy, and its longevity. We’ll use Juves as an example to demonstrate our product:


 Safety: Is the brand CE-marked? and does it come with robust safety data from clinical trials? Juves is CE-marked, biocompatible and the risk of side effects or inflammation is limited due to the unique purification, oxygen removal and sterilisation process.


Efficacy: Look at direct comparison studies vs market-leading products. For example, Juves has been shown under trial conditions, to have greater projection power than the market-leading brand but with a lower G prime. This means superior volumisation, with a softer, more pliable, and more natural feeling product. Plus the technology used in the manufacturing of the product uses lower levels of BDDE than existing fillers.


 Longevity: Data from clinical studies along with our own personal experience over time are the key to introducing a new product. The clinical studies for Juves showed a significantly greater customer satisfaction rating at 12 months compared with the market-leading product. Our clinics across Europe have been using the product for few years now, and have experienced only positive feedback from their customers. In fact, the majority have commented on how well their filler (in all facial compartments) appears to be lasting.


 Of course, there is more that influences product selection. Price, profit margins within the business model, the budget per product, spend level per treatment of customers, results along with personal experiences and knowledge of the manufacturer or distributor are of paramount importance and never to be underestimated. Great results can usually be achieved with most decent fillers in the hands of a skilled and experienced injector, but true excellence, delivered customer after customer, day in day out, requires the use of something that is genuinely exceptional. Individual clinics may choose to offer different brands of fillers with different price points, depending on the clinics specific location and the economic status of their customers. Others choose to use only premium products, and to charge accordingly.


Choosing a new product for your clinic is not a simple task. Each clinic have their own unique way of working, so it’s important to choose the product range that is the perfect fit for your clinics machinations, your customers budgets and with which you feel most comfortable as an injector. Having a personal key account manager as we do provide for you, can be an easier way to have the next product introduced to your customers. Contact our KAM here and get 5% off on all Juves.


The introduction

Ways of introducing your products to a customer can be by explaining that although the product is highly effective, your premium filler has superior longevity and has a more natural feel once integrated into the tissue, and often carries a shorter downtime owing to a lesser inflammatory response, for example. You can also show diagrams and photo examples of previous work if necessary, that 2ml of filler in the chin can last between one to two years and will balance the face way more than 1ml in the lips. This will produce a far happier and more contented customer who values your expertise and advice. The clinic and brand benefit, but more importantly the customer will more than likely attend again in the future for further treatments, as well as recommend you to their closest circles.


Launch events can also be an effective way to introduce new products to your existing customers, while simultaneously promoting your clinic and attracting new business. Ensure you advertise the event well in advance on all your social media platforms (or whatever your medium of choice) as well as in clinic, and send personal invitations and “call to actions” to your regular customers. Live demonstrations of treatments, accompanied by explanations of why your new product is the best choice will provide your customers with more attractive and tangible information. 


My final advice: Maintain the highest standards possible to give the best experience, don’t ever compete with sub-standard injectors on price, never undervalue your skills and experience, and use the highest quality products to give the best possible results.