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Secrets to share with Microneedling


I’m writing this as one of Global NMD’s clients as I'm extremely happy with their products. Let me introduce myself, I’m Sissi from Italy, owner of a clinic in UK. I started to buy from Global NMD when I lived in Italy and have continued buying ever since. There was one thing I found very outstanding from this distributor and that is their enormous development of new treatments and the benefit of using them in many ways. This really helped my clinic grow as I earned more using a product in different ways. Just like Microneedling.

As many of us know, Microneedling is the best start for every clinic. You can have a different work background and do microneedling. It has a treatment for your whole body which really amazes me. I started as many of us do today with microneedling which is treatment for pores, acne, scars etc. and was a bit jealous of seeing others doing injections to treat dark circles, skin tightening, hair loss or skin whitening.

I searched for treatments and could not really find a cosmetic treatment that gives the same result as an injection treatment, until Global NMD came out with these amazing products that i’m about to show you!


One of my absolute favorite products are RRS HA eyes, a perfect treatment for dark circles. This saved me a lot from buying eye creams from the stores. Nothing has helped except using it with Microneedling. The package comes with 12 ampules each 1.5 ml. Read more about RRS HA eyes


Tired of trying shampoos? Or the latest hair gel? Stop right now. With three treatments of RRS XL hair you get 10 years younger. This is also a great product to mix when doing PRP treatment. It makes the hair growth process faster. Read more about RRS XL Hair



Isn’t it amazing to actually get rid of cellulites with Microneedling? I don’t say no to the gym, but I'd definitely say yes to a product that solves my problems within three treatments. Read more about RRS HA Cellutrix

Scars are one of the most common issues to get during pregnancy. We either leave it like that looking at ourselves with sad eyes or we spend too much money on creams. Well, now you can finally say goodbye to that! With RRS HA Strimatrix you gently massage it with a Microneedling pen, I'd recommend that the scar is about 3 months old before starting the treatment. Read more about RRS HA Strimatrix.



Such a refreshing product! RRS Hyalift helps to correct the skin, if a customer has uneven skin then this product is the right one! Also amazing for pores and acnes. Definitely a product to have in the clinic. Read more about RRS Hyalift


Can't do Botox or threadlift? Or maybe you have a customer who's afraid of needles? With RRS HA Tensor lift you tighten the skin. Look at those nasolabial folds! Read more about RRS HA Tensor lift

My recommendations to get best results are minimum three treatments. Order the RRS collection today and get 5% discount using TF5 at the checkout!