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Skin problems? This ONE will fix it!


(a surprise is waiting in the end) 


Let us introduce our latest addition, Seanergy peel! The new energy peel to your skin - from the deep ocean, which actually means that it’s made of 100% natural ingredients! Works as micro-particles that are embedded in the skin and removes dead skin cells and waste on the skin. It stimulates the skin to lift, elastic, and make the skin texture soft.   



  Gives ZERO side effects since it’s made of natural ingredients.
High quality korean peel from pure Spicule seaweeds.
Improves skin’s turnover cycle and activates skin regeneration.
Calms and nourishes the skin.
Alleviates aging skin.
Evens discolouration.


1) Preparation

Cleanse your face by using Stayve Mild Cleansing Milk. Refine your skin by applying or spraying Stayve Hydtrading Rose Toner. After refining your skin, apply anesthetic cream and after 30 minutes, wipe away clearly before you begin the treatment. Mix Seanergy Peel Powder and Seanergy Peel Solution.


2) Treatment

The treatment goes by right cheek -> left cheek -> forehead, and nose accordingly. Apply the mixed solution and lightly press, and this action calls as "Rubbing". At this moment, around 2 ~ 3 minutes take per area, reapply the solution during the "Rubbing" and proceed precisely. After "Rubbing" is done, repeat pressing the whole area of the treatment. *Do not attempt "Rubbing" strongly on the sensitive skin such as eyes and mouth area, but lightly press it. 


3) Removing the residue

Remove the residue on the outer skin by using a wet sponge or gauze. Be careful as the effect of micro-particles might reduce when it's wiped strongly. *It is natural to feel as if thorns are pricking your face.

4) Finalizing

Put on a mask sheet for soothing and moisturizing on the face that has been stimulated. It is better when used after storage at cold temperature. Apply enough amount of Stayve Booster Ampoule(depending on your skin type) and Stayve Repair Cream. 




Suitable for all skin types
  For pigmentation, acne skin, large pores, flaking skin and agin skin.

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