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Cross linked filler from €29



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We’re are happy to share with you our NEW filler series of Regenovue - the safest cross linked HA called BDDE that makes the filler stay longer and more stable. It’s made by a South Korean pharmaceutical company called NeoGenesis Co who decided to challenge the market of top rate dermal fillers and risk-free mesotherapy products. Today, it is more than clear that this mission has been more than successful since this unique filler range is available on sale in an impressive number of countries around the world and it is one of the fastest selling skin rejuvenation products on dermal cosmetics online store. With Regenovue you get a natural volume, smooth injection and a higher elasticity which makes it more supportive after the injection. 

Various injection areas

Regenovue has three filler types to use. Regenovue Fine, Deep and Sub-q. All are CE marked and comes with and without lidocaine. With Regenovue Fine you can treat superficial wrinkles, glabellar lines and neck folds. With Deep you can do the face contours such as, lips, nasolabial folds and chin and with Sub-q you can do jawlines and nose.


Thanks to the new-generation restoration complex found in this product lineup, the tone and elasticity of the skin are greatly improved. To deliver instant result we recommend a couple of sessions. Compared to other injectables of this class and type, these ones are unsurpassed when it comes to their quality and effectiveness.