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Volus 10
Volus 10

Volus 10

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VOLUS 10 is a sterile, apyrogenic, and physiological gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. It is an aqueous, colorless, odorless, and highly viscous gel. This gel is presented in a graduated, pre-filled, and disposable syringe of 10 ml volume.

VOLUS 10 is an injectable implant intended for the treatment, by volumetric filling, for body contouring and temporary penis enlargement. The product is not intended for face volumetric augmentation. In urology, it received approval from the MFDS (Ministry of Food and Pharmaceutical Safety of South Korea) as the first product for temporary penile enhancement treatment for individuals with small penis syndrome. After a 48-week clinical study, VOLUS 10 has been shown to be extremely effective and safe for temporary penis enlargement for those wishing to enlarge their penis.

Thanks to its high visco-elasticity, VOLUS 10 allows patients to be satisfied with the natural results obtained. Through the clinical study, the enlargement of the perimeter of the penis was also confirmed as well as the increase in length.

Thanks to Across's patented cross-linking technology, it has a longer and more stable duration over time.

VOLUS 10 is a bio-degradable gel composed of hyaluronic acid with high purity, produced by bacterial fermentation. It is a natural substance optimized to adapt to human skin tissue. In addition, the exclusive Across washing procedure allows VOLUS 10 to be a purer and safer product.

Less pain and faster recovery
Unlike the surgical procedure, treatment with VOLUS 10 is less painful and recovery times are faster than with other treatments.