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How to minimize Tear through complications


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Tear troughs are a complex area to treat and should only be done by experienced injectors. When performed correctly, dermal filler in the tear trough can reduce the apperance of tiredness under the eyes and improve the sunken effect that happens as we age. As you will see – problems can occur as a result of either poor filler choice, a lack of understanding of patients anatomy or poor patient selection. So what are the tricks to try to avoid the TT complication?



1. Overfilling the tear trough can lead to lumps, often seen when smiling or when looking at the tear trough from above. This picture above shows a customer in her 50s who has been over-treated with dermal filler. The solution is to not use more than 0.3 ml on each eye area. 



 2. Always go for a safe injection method! By using a cannula you’ll minimise the risk of creating a vascular occlusion and other complications such as bruising. This is because the cannula moves the blood vessel out of the way rather than going through it as with a sharp needle which can harm the blood vessels. For the eye area we’d recommend you to buy the size 27G or 30G cannula. 

3. By mixing skin booster with fillers, the result will be long-lasting and even better. With RRS EYES which contains a lot of liquid and is mainly to reduces dark circles, you can help the filler from forming lumps. The filler dissolves and settles much better under the eyes.

  4. Use the right filler! Teosyal Redensity contributes to a low incidence of swelling by its light filler. Also known as a non cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid that includes a unique patented formula of effective natural components (Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Minerals and Vitamins). Another very well known eye filler is the Juves Eye light which minimizes the risk of edema without Tyndall effect and provides long lasting results. It provides excellent results when used as a skin booster as it improves hydration, elasticity, and tone. 


5. Another way to prevent a complication is to use cooling spray on areas before injecting, thus reducing the risk of swelling and even bruising. Also a good tool to reduce pain.