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The body filler that has changed the world

Buttlift body contouring has saved over thousands of lives!

You read that right! Body filler has become more and more useful in recent years due to it’s safe method. Compared to BBL (Brazilian buttlift), body filler is partly based on hyaluronic acid that we humans have in our bodies. This means that the complications of buttlift are minimal and if a complication occurs, it is very simple and painless to solve. The safest method with buttlift body contouring is that the treatment is performed with local anesthesia, which means that the customer avoids narcosis and is awake during the treatment.

Treatments with body contouring

Doing buttlift body contouring gives you the opportunity to shape the area to the results of what the customer wants. It never seems to go wrong if you start with one amount at a time and see how the result will be. You can increase the volume, fill in the hips or small pits. Based on my 5 years of experience, I recommend that you use HYACORP. This body filler is thick in material and last up to a year with a small amount of filling afterwards. Here we show how HYACORP has changed our customers' lives.


These amazing results are done with HYACORP, the CE marked product you can get from us today with 5% discount! Use code ‘’HYACORP21'' here in checkout. 

Our recommendation for a long lasting result

-Drink a lot of water! In this way, the filler connects with the liquid and lasts for a longer time, you also help to reduce the risk of pits and the result increases by 50% after two weeks.

- Don’t go to gym or strain the muscles for couple of days after your treatment. It can cause your body to burn the filler and in this way you can lose volume.