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Profhilo or PRP Plasma ?

Are you suffering from acne scars, uneven skin texture and a number of skin conditions? Yes ..No? But you might be looking for something to enhance your glow. I keep asking myself which treatment will offer quick heeling capacity. Profhilo is a new WOW-trend in the aesthethic field. It’s a stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid for treating amongst a lot of thing skin laxity. Previously I’ve done PRP plasma for healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, hairloss and it also  created more tightness in the skin. Why should I change method? Is Profhilo just as natural? Well it’s non-surgical, hyaluron – based substance (that occurs naturally in our body) therefore, it doesn’t require the addition of chemicals. Also, it is not really a dermal filler nor a mesotherapy. Let me explain this a bit. Traditionally dermal fillers contain a synthetic chemical called BDDE.  BDDE is short for '1,4-butanediol diglycidyl' the magical ingredient binds the whole hyaluronic acid chain together to stop this chain from being broken down in the body. 

Profhilo® is naturally stable and therefore doesn't require the addition of chemicals. Therefore, it is not really a dermal filler nor a mesotherapy product, but a product of its own unique kind. 

 It is a wrinkle cure, that turns back the clock, restoring natural beauty that has been lost over the years. The recommendation is that patients have two treatments about four-six weeks apart.


Unlike many other dermal fillers and injectable treatments, Profhilo is safe for a wide variety of uses across the body. The hyaluronic acid benefits are perfect for common treatment areas, like the face, neck, and hands, but it’s also suitable for upper arms, the abdomen, and knees. The most common BAP maps are diagrammed to fit the face and neck with best-practices suggestions for exact placement with specific measurements. For example:

Upper cheek | Nasal base | Lower cheek | Chin | Jawline

See instructions below. Profhilo’s innovative BAP technique has a much more limited risk of bruising. Similarly, occurrences of injection site redness and irritation are less common than other injection options.