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This is why we provide free live online course


This is for sure our most frequently asked question. In fact, it’s not very often you get something for free in this world - unless you give something back. What if the thing you give back is actually something you’ll benefit from? Let me explain how we in Global NMD think.

 Being one of EU’s largest distribution and accredited academy in aesthetics, as we represent over 300 CE marked famous brands and has over thousands of students across the world. We focus on how we can use our own resources to make you a better aesthetic/cosmetic trainer whether your goal is to develop your salon/clinic or maybe you’ve had a lot of complications from your aesthetic treatments? We use our products to help you know how to use them for a specific area. Because every product has its result and it takes a course to understand how. By adding this knowledge you’ll be way more sharper and it can also benefit your salon/clinic as a new treatment. At the same time you’ll be buying the products for a lower costs as we have you as our student. This is what we call a win-win solution. 


 Collaborations and sponsorships with Academys

 Our team will take care of your students! Free goodiebags and student discounts will be provided to your students and you’ll get exclusive prices of our products. We make sure your students get their delivery on time and has an unlimited student support when needed.  

 Upcoming free live online courses

Russian lips/Flat lips technique

Join our next masterclass with our top international aesthetic trainers. With an 3 hours webinar you'll learn the most popular technique and used products in the beauty industry to help you gain more than 20% profit to your salon/clinic. Click HERE to book your seat! 


Buttlift body contouring

Our most booked course in 2021! Over thousands of clinics have increased their profit this year. The absolutely right treatment to increase volume and correct the hip dips - with minimum risk of complications. Make sure to save your seat right HERE!