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BDR Laser effect
BDR Laser effect
BDR Laser effect
BDR Laser effect
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BDR Laser effect

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Cell activating - moisturizing - regenerating – firming

Several firming agents combined with intense moisturizing and rehydrating ingredients supply a pure energy cocktail.

Enhanced with cell-stimulating and regenerating peptide complexes, this new formula excells fresh radiance and youthfulness.

Wrinkles are subdued and softened.

Application: For best results, clean your face and pat dry. Carefully remove the mask from its packaging and place onto face. Correct positioning with fingers as needed. Leave on for 25-30 minutes or longer. Any serum remaining in the packaging and on the face can then be gently massaged into the skin.

Recommended application: once weekly application for long-lasting results.



Included 4 stitches in one package.


Please note that this product is not intended for medical use.