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Nutrakos Drinkable 30st
Nutrakos Drinkable 30st
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Nutrakos Drinkable 30st

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Provide your skin, hair and nails with a daily dose of intense nutrition using a clinically proven anemic acid supplement. NutraKOS Drinkable has a revolutionary, regenerative formula that gives new meaning to the concept of beauty starting from within. A wonder supplement that contains a unique mix of essential amino acids that are instantly absorbed to renew skin tissue from the inside out. Structural protein becomes restorative, the resulting product also contributes to strong nails and healthier shiny hair. Is also sugar-free!


  • Adds nourishment to skin, hair and nails
  • Fights the aging process
  • Contributes with a brilliant look

We recommend 1-2 sachets per day. Drink the contents independently or dilute the sachet in water.