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Prostrolane Blanc B 2ml
Prostrolane Blanc B 2ml
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Prostrolane Blanc B 2ml

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Prostolane Blanc B is a moisturizing and antipigment product made from complex bioactive ingredients such as Biomimetic peptide and hyaluronic acid. Intended for toning, brightening the face and neck, a wonderful product that aims to treat antipigmentation.

Prostolane Blanc B also reduces wrinkles, pores and stimulates skin cell renewal.


  • healthy skin and beautiful luminous effect
  • deep moisturizing of the skin
  • also contributes with anti-aging therapy, as wrinkles and fine lines are reduced
  • Restores skin elasticity and firmness

Areas of use:

  • The whole face
  • Pigment area (melasma or dark spots)
  • Neck