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Lip discoloration? Here's the solution.

How to get lip discoloration and what to use to prevent it.


People’s lips can vary in color and appearance depending on several factors, such as their natural skin tone, sun exposure levels, and overall health. A person can experience lip discoloration after consuming things that contain pigments such as berries, beets and wine. Lip discoloration can also be the result of sun damage, nutritional deficiencies, underlying medical condition or an aesthetic treatment like lip fillers.

This blog post will explain the different causes of lip discoloration and the products available to prevent it.


1. Sun exposure can be developed by dry, crusty bumps called actinic keratosis or sun spots. They can appear on areas such as the lips, face, neck and arms. But mostly on the lips. Sun exposure can also vary in size and color ranging from light tan to dark color. 


2. Laugier-Hunziker syndrome is a benign skin condition that causes dark brown spots, called macules, on the lips and the lining of the mouth. The syndrome doesn't require medical treatment. However, some people choose to have it removed for aesthetic reasons. 


3. Hyperpigmentation and other skin changes can occur as a side effect of certain medications like cytotoxic drugs, that doctors usually use to treat cancer or tetracycline treatment for bacterial infection. 


4. Red, inflamed or dry lips can be a result of an allergic reaction to ingredients present in oral hygiene products, such as lipsticks, latex or products containing fragrances, preservatives or metals.

All these symptoms will usually improve once a person stops using the product that caused the allergic reaction. However, there is an aesthetic product with a permanent result for lip discoloring. 

The cherips ampoules provides a simple and quick treatment for expressing natural and vital lips without pain. It’s painful and gives natural color without swelling lips, damaged lips, or chapped lips. Our Stayve Cherips package comes with 7 different ampules where one of them is a pre treatment booster and the second one is after treatment solution. The 5 rest ampoules are different colors that can also be mixed to match the skin tone. The absolutely best solution for lip discoloration! 


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