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Fillmed® AA-Lift Serum 30ml
Fillmed® AA-Lift Serum 30ml

Fillmed® AA-Lift Serum 30ml

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Enriched with Collagen and Elastin peptides, AA-LIFT SERUM visibly enhances cutaneous firmness and skin elasticity. Thanks to Xylose, an essential sugar known for its anti-glycation properties, which boosts cutaneous tonicity.

Usage: A day/night serum for sagging skin, impaired skin tone, and lost elasticity. The product gives a firming effect!
Apply morning/evening before day/night cream.


Collagen - A protein that is found naturally in the body, and acts as the body's own "glue". Used in aesthetic medicine for its moisturizing and leveling properties.
Elastin peptide: An A-protein of elastin with chemotactic properties that reorganizes the structure of the skin and fights sagging skin.
Xylose: An important sugar extract that neutralizes the glycation process (which causes the breakdown of elastic fibers) binds collagen and elastin and improves skin tone.
Durragrass: Rich in polyosides that react in synergy with keratin to form a forming net with an immediate, long-lasting firming effect.