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Fillmed® HXR-Eye Cream 15ml
Fillmed® HXR-Eye Cream 15ml

Fillmed® HXR-Eye Cream 15ml

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Fillmed® HXR-Eye Cream 15ml

Apply a small amount to the eye bone every other night the first week (get the skin used to this product as it is very active), then use day and night. An active eye cream that treats wrinkles / lines, dark circles, bags and dehydration.

Active ingredients:
Hexylresorcinol: Used in hyperpigmentation and to reduce dark circles.
Angry - Lys peptide: A botox-like peptide that acts as a powerful skin relaxer, which visibly smoothes out fine lines around the eye area.
Escin: Increases the skin's microcirculation, and has vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory properties. Reduces swelling and dark circles around the eyes.