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Fillmed® P-Bright Serum 30ml
Fillmed® P-Bright Serum 30ml

Fillmed® P-Bright Serum 30ml

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Fillmed® P-Bright Serum 30ml is used for regulating melanogenesis, brightens and revives, for uniform, clearer, purer skin. Dark spots, unevenness, lack of radiance. 

Use: Apply morning/evening before day/night cream. A day/night serum for hyperpigmentation, radiance, and wrinkles/lines. 

For all skin type.


  • Phytic acid - Used in many medical contexts to treat pigmentation disorders.
  • Arabino-xyloses B1-4 - New generation of active ingredients obtained from phytofragmentation, an innovation that visibly reduces the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Vitamin C - Recognized as a potent detoxifying vitamin that brightens the skin's texture.
  • Papain Carbomer - Gentle exfoliating enzyme that effectively evens out and improves the skin.