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NutraKOS Anti-age Face Cream 50ml, SPF 15
NutraKOS Anti-age Face Cream 50ml, SPF 15

NutraKOS Anti-age Face Cream 50ml, SPF 15

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NutraKOS Anti-age Face Cream is a perfect remedy for regular use in the fight against harmful UV radiation and aging. The cream also contains a skin perfection formula that combines ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and amino acids naturally found in the skin along with calcium ketogluconate to start the body's production of collagen and elastin.

NutraKOS Anti-Age Face Cream quickly recovers lost moisture for a radiant youthful radiance. SPF 15 also protects against oxidative stress caused by sun damage.

To maximize the effect of NutraKOS anti-age face cream, use it together with NutraKOS Anti-wrinkle face mask and NutraKOS anti-age serum.


Revives the youthful look
Stimulates daily skin repair
Protects against environmental damage (eg UV radiation)